Why Craft ?/Why OCBW?Real Sugar

Why Go with Craft Soda?/Why OCBW Real Sugar Craft Soda?

Why Craft:

  • Consumers (especially millennials) are moving away from traditional CSDs, seeking higher quality healthier ingredients, natural flavors, natural coloring and no HFCS or artificial sweeteners. Everybody is always looking for great taste!

Why OCBW Real Sugar Soda:

  • Unlike many of our craft competitors, we formulate and produce our own products in our facility in a “small batch” heavily monitored environment. We produce made to order products daily to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life.

  • Our products are made with the highest quality all natural flavors, non-GMO ingredients available in the beverage industry and always sweetened with 100% domestically grown and refined REAL CANE SUGAR.

  • The top four leaders of our company have over 150 combined years of experience in the beverage industry. We believe soda should be made the way it used to be!