Soda StreamReal Sugar

Home Soda Makers

Our 7:1 and 5:1 ratio flavors are sure to be a hit at home!


Oak Cliff Beverage has adapted its syrups that are popular in restaurants for use in home with all home carbonators (including sodastream®), sparkling water machines, and will mix with any bottle carbonated water. Chose from our customer favorites including Classic Cane Cola, Doc Sugar, and Vintage Root Beer. Enjoy the clean crisp taste of natural sugar and natural flavors that takes you back to the way a refreshing soda used to be.

• Convenient bottle pump makes mixing simple a serving at a time

• Each 32oz bottle yields 32 8oz servings.

• Only .38 per serving at $12 per bottle MSRP

• National brand drinkers agree that real sugar soda just tastes better.

• NO GMO ingredients or artificial / engineered sweeteners.

Call your local customer service for availability and special programs.

More flavors coming soon.

Make your own Real Sugar Soda at home, with this pure cane sugar syrup, made just for home carbonation machines including Soda Stream® machines.