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Change with a Purpose

Are You Uneasy About Switching to Craft Soda
at Your Restaurant? Here’s Our Take on It

  • Restaurateurs are always looking for ways to offer customers a unique dining experience. However, most restaurants offer the same type of fountain beverages as everyone else. Serving the same beverages as everyone else is not a strategy of uniqueness or differentiation.

  • It is obviously imperative to offer your customers a high-quality line of fountain beverages. However, any change you might make with “mainstream” beverages will cause only a temporarily frustration with your “regular” customers. For example, we have witnessed this for decades as restaurants switch from Coke to Pepsi or visa-versa regardless of which brand has the highest market share. Switching has proven repeatedly to have zero effect on a restaurant’s business. One can even sell Pepsi in a bar with little or no negative response from customers. It’s almost impossible to find a bourbon and Coke in Las Vegas!!

Therefore, if switching to Coke or Pepsi is considered “safe”, then moving to a higher quality hand-crafted beverage option should present even less of a risk. Making a decision to offer hand-crafted fountain beverages is a totally unique opportunity. While you are not only providing your customers a healthier, much higher quality product, you are also providing them with a differentiated dining experience. Moreover, switching to craft beverages is a meaningful change rather than just a change for change sake.