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Our sweetener and its attributes*

AmyrisPurecane Reb M

Reb M (short for Rebaudioside M) exists in nature today and is found in the stevia leaf. We have found a new way to make Reb M from sugarcane, using the age-old, natural process of fermentation that is used to make beer, wine, bread and kombucha! It’s just a new way of making a natural ingredient.

PURECANE™ Brand Sweetener (fermented sugarcane Reb M) is not sugar and therefore, it is not processed by the body for energy like sugar is. Instead it passes through, free of calories and carbohydrates.

The US Food and Drug Administration along with regulatory, health and food safety authorities around the world have thoroughly documented extensive safety testing of Reb M and have concluded that it is safe. Everyone can enjoy Reb M without fear of adverse health impact.

PURECANE™ Brand Sweetener has no health risks, so you may enjoy the great sweet taste of variety of products containing fermented sugarcane Reb M, while at the same time, reduce your calories and carbohydrates and avoid spikes in your blood sugar – all without worrying about exceeding a safe intake level.

PURECANE™ Brand Sweetener (fermented sugarcane Reb M) received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation for use by all consumers, including children and people living with diabetes, which was accepted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2018.

All PURECANE™ Sweetener Products contain PURECANE™ Brand Sweetener, or fermented sugarcane Reb M, the ingredient that gives PURECANE™ the great taste that people love without the calories or the artificial chemicals. PURECANE™ No Calorie Sweet packets include keto-friendly erythritol for texture and volume which has a zero glycemic index.

*Information about sweetener obtained from Amyris website